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What Can I Do With Discolored Veneers?

June 7, 2022

If you’ve wanted to revamp your smile for the longest time, veneers in Charleston, SC, are your best option. Besides addressing tooth discoloration, veneers can also conceal chipped, misaligned, and cracked teeth. Your cosmetic dentistry charleston sc will assess your problem area and determine your veneers’ appropriate color, length, size, and shape. Although veneers can whiten your teeth, they too can become discolored over time. What are you going to do if your veneers darken in color? 

Illustration of Veneers in Charleston SC


What You Should Know 

What Are Porcelain Veneers? 

Porcelain veneers are thin shell coverings that improve the overall appearance of your smile. Your cosmetic dentist will create a tailor-made treatment plan during your initial consultation. The entire process typically takes two separate appointments. 

To prepare your teeth, some parts of your enamel will be removed so that the veneers can fit comfortably on your teeth. Shaving down a small amount of your enamel also helps the veneers attach better. 

After your teeth are prepped, an impression is obtained and sent to the lab to design and fabricate your veneers. While waiting for your permanent veneers, you’ll be asked to wear a temporary set. 

Can Veneers Stain and What To Do About It? 

Although veneers can resist stains better than your natural teeth, your cosmetic dentist will still advise you to steer clear of dark colored food and drinks to avoid veneer discoloration. The discoloration may not always happen right away, but they can gradually lose their luster and brightness if you’re not careful. 

To preserve the whiteness of your veneers, we suggest you routinely brush and floss your teeth and visit your dentist for professional teeth cleanings. Teeth whitening may work on natural teeth, but it won’t alter the color of your veneers. If you notice discoloration or stains on your veneers, it might be time for replacements. 

Comparison of Natural Teeth and Veneers in Charleston SC

Are Your Veneers in Charleston, SC, Discolored? 

If your veneers are starting to stain, we can help. At North Rivers Dental, we are proud to deliver comprehensive dental care in a safe and comfortable environment for all our patients. Our team has the technical skills to perform preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatments to improve your smile and oral health. Call us today for an appointment.

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