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Can You Still Save a Knocked Out Tooth?   

July 21, 2024

Losing a tooth as an adult is a serious matter. A timely visit to an Emergency Dentist Charleston immediately increases the chance that the dentist can still restore the tooth.

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What You Need to Know About Saving a Knocked Out Tooth

What Could Cause a Tooth to Fall Out

There are two primary reasons why a tooth may suddenly detach from the gums.

Advanced Gum Disease

Advanced gum disease attacks the part between the tooth and the gums. This condition, medically referred to as periodontitis, weakens the bone structure and eventually causes the tooth to fall off. Periodontitis can only be reversed through surgery. However, you must act fast to save your other teeth and gums.

Blunt Trauma

The teeth are naturally sturdy. However, blunt trauma with sufficient strength can remove a tooth or multiple teeth from their sockets. A tooth that becomes dislodged because of a traumatic injury could still be restored if you visit the endodontist quickly after rendering first aid.

What You Can Do Before Going to the Dentist

Below are some first aid tips that you can follow immediately after you or a family member loses a tooth:

Try to Find the Tooth

The endodontist can reattach your tooth to your socket. Look for the fallen tooth and take it to the dental office. When handling the tooth, hold it by the crown or the part that bites into the food you eat, not the root. If the tooth has dust and debris, wash it with water.

Keep the Tooth Moist Before You Go to the Dentist

The tooth needs moisture to protect the root. After washing the tooth:

  1. Try to reattach the tooth in the socket and bite down.
  2. If the tooth will not fit back into the socket, put it on your cheek.
  3. You can also try placing it in a glass of milk.

an Emergency dentist in Charleston working on a patient's tooth

Visit Your Emergency Dentist in Charleston Right Away

Time is crucial when your tooth falls out. Contact us about your emergency, and visit our office right away.

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