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What Cosmetic Problems Do Dental Veneers Solve?

January 25, 2023

Nowadays, having a perfect smile is within everyone’s reach. And you may wonder why? The truth is that there are very simple and minimally invasive treatments that greatly improve your smile. Of course, we are talking about dental veneers in Charleston, SC, and here we explain how they can help you. 

woman with Veneers in Charleston SC

What Problems Do They Solve? 

The most common dental esthetic problems that dental veneers can solve have to do with the position and color of the teeth. 


The spaces that sometimes exist between the teeth are called diastemas. They can alter the aesthetics of the smile, especially if they are very large or visible. One of the most common causes is genetics. In fact, it’s likely that if you have this feature, so does someone in your family. Anyway, if you don’t feel comfortable with them, a very simple way to correct these interdental spaces is with veneers. 


Sometimes, the size of teeth is not homogeneous. In this sense, one of the most frequent alterations is microdontia. Excessively small teeth characterize this anomaly. It occurs partially in the upper incisors due to a genetic component. Veneers are often used to treat this and alter the size of your teeth so it looks more harmonious.  

Darkened Teeth 

Excessive consumption of certain foods with high coloration, smoking, poor dental care, or the passage of time are reasons why teeth may darken or yellow. Even so, you shouldn’t worry, since in case of darkening of the teeth, the placement of dental veneers would be a very good option if teeth whitening is not an option.  

Breakage or Wear 

As you know, bruxism, a very common dental problem, is the involuntary habit of clenching or grinding the teeth, usually during sleep. One of its consequences is wear and tear and even dental fractures. Veneers can be a great ally for this.  

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Dental veneers are an effective and long-lasting solution to achieve a captivating smile. If you feel your teeth need a boost to make you feel more confident, contact us at North Rivers Dental, and let’s start working on it.  

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